Accountability Group

The Facebook Accountability Group is made for the woman who is on a mission to stay healthy and get moving! In the accountability group you post healthy meals, workouts, and sweaty selfies galore all in a  quest to earn THIRTY percent of your monthly membership back! That’s right ladies, if you post in the group THREE TIMES A WEEK, you earn 30% of your membership fee back on the last day of the month!  How awesome, right? PLUS, in the group you get EXCLUSIVE discounts to companies I love [ex: May Designs!] special fit tips from me, and awesome recipes!  Sound good to you? Join here, and I’ll get you exclusive access to the Members Only Group!

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I’m not sure where to start but I love this group! Every time I went to go eat or felt lazy and didn’t want to work out I thought about the page and how good I would feel posting a picture of a healthy meal or a completed workout! The minimum is 3 posts a week for the month but I found myself holding back trying not to post ALL THE TIME! I loved the support from other women in the group. Cassie also posts work outs and recipes and is very supportive and motivational! Her being involved makes it that much better! I signed up for a second month and I don’t intend on stopping, I’ve worked out more in January than I have in quite a long time and this has been the direct cause of all this recent activity 😉 – Alex, MEMBER