5 Healthy Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day

5 healthy things you can do on valentines day

It is the one and only day where everyone gets chocolate happy and giddy for love! Wait… that’s not true. But you catch my drift! It’s Valentine’s Day! And whether you’re celebrating with your girlfriends, your significant other, or not at all, you’ll likely indulge in SOMETHING today! But why not add these 5 things to your v-day to-do list, too?


1.  Workout with your loved ones!

Especially if you know you’re going to have an indulgent evening, may as well burn some calories before or after that dinner! Take the dog for a long walk, do a 20 min routine with your boo! Whatever it is, get some sort of calorie burn in so you feel better later! Remember, even if it’s only FIVE minutes, it is better than zero! Whatever you can do, works!

2.  Make Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit

Yes yes, I’m giving you permission! Go right ahead! Cover those banana slices, strawberries, oranges and raspberries with some lovely dark chocolate, aim for 70% cacoa fair trade chocolate if possible! In addition to being yummy, this stuff can reduce heart disease, and loads you up with fiber! Also See more benefits of dark chocolate on Nutrition Authority!

3.  Drink Red Wine

Pst, you probably thought I’d be nixing alcohol from your Valentine’s Day celebration! Wrong! You’ve heard it before, wine has many benefits for your good ol’ immune system! I do recommend staying away from beer, and sugary mix drinks tonight though! You don’t want to crash from all the sugar! So let’s pour a glass of red, especially since it helps you lower your cholesterol! MAJOR WIN! Also see: 7 Benefits of Red Wine

4. Make your dinner and serve it with a bunch of greens 😉

If you’re staying in and making dinner, you are TOTALLY in control of what you’re cooking! [Major plus!] Now, if you’re planning on having a…long night? Perhaps you want to nix the bloating foods, gas creating foods, and replace that with delicious nutritious options! Get your greens on the plate! Have steamed spinach, broccoli, or a side salad with your dinner.  And let’s eliminate beans tonight [must I include why?] A red meat or lean protein with a nice light sauce [mushroom sauce, red sauce, wine based sauce] are great options for your entree tonight! As a side, a sweet potato or some roasted veggies [butternut squash, cauliflower, asparagus] or even some fingerling potatoes brush with olive oil, salt and paprika! YUM! For more recipe ideas, ask me!

5. Brain Dump

Whether you’re super happy it is V-day or really upset, get it out! Write it down! De-stress yourself by putting pen to paper and letting go of what the situation is.  Tell yourself [if you’re not happy today!] that you are working on YOU this year and that’s most important.  Also jot down some really awesome things in your life, and maybe text your friends making sure they know how much you care for them! Valentine’s is about LOVE – after all! After you release your stresses onto paper, reward yourself with a good ol’ fashioned movie, and some of those dark chocolate covered banana slices! IF you ARE happy today, write down why, what you’re grateful for, and appreciate it all. After you do that, take a sip of your wine, and wind down!


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