5 Ways to Healthify Your Pantry RIGHT NOW 8

5 Ways to Healthify Your Pantry RIGHT NOW

Today I am helping you do some SIMPLE things to clean out your pantry and make it healthier!
Anything you get rid of, take note so you can replace it next on your next grocery store trip!

1. Buh-Bye Terrible Oils!

It is time to up your oil game!  Replace unhealthy oils like canola, vegetable and peanut with healthier options like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and sesame oil.  Why? These “bad” oils are loaded with trans fats which you want to avoid!  Coconut oil and avocado oil contain HEALTHY fats, as does olive oil!

2. Sayonara Processed Foods!

Yes, this is going to HURT, but it will make up for it TEN FOLD when you start feeling better by consuming things you can PRONOUNCE.  Take a look at your snack foods, your diced tomatoes, all of it- if it has unpronounceable ingredients ditch it!  And add it to a list so next time you’re at the store you can pick up healthy replacements.  Some ideas: Trader joes has healthier cookie options, as does Annie’s organic.  Red Pack has put out an ALL NATURAL tomato sauce/paste line, check that out as well! If you’re looking for snack ideas, I recommend: trail mix, dried fruits [sparingly, high in sugar], nuts, fruits [banana/apple] with almond butter, veggies and guacamole/hummus

3. Trash the White Starches

Yup.  You’ve been hearing this one and I’m not going to disagree!  White flour, white pasta, white rice, white sugar.  It should all go!  It is providing next to no nutritional value for you and your family! Go get yourself some whole wheat products or almond flout and coconut sugar.  I promise it tasted just as good!  And now you can find QUINOA PASTA which is my personal favorite! See: The Differences Between Whole Grain & Regular Pasta [all summed up, white pasta has its nutritional value altered and fiber stripped]


4. Fake Sugar MUST GO

If you have sweet and low, splenda, or equal, don’t even tell me! Just get rid of it! If you need a natural sweetener get on the stevia train! Fake sugars contain cancer causing ingredients, and I need you to know that if you listen to ONE thing on this list, you should make it this one! See: Artificial Sweeteners Sugar Free, at WHAT COST?

5. Those Cereals Though..

Oh the age old breakfast, cereal and milk.  Yeah, that stuff is good amiright?? But, it is positively LOADED with sugar and also with chemicals! Luckily, brands like Bob’s Red Mill, Kashi, and Nature’s Path are here with great substitutes that are JUST as delicious!  I advise you to be careful with serving size even with the healthier options, but you don’t have to give up cereal/oatmeal entirely! Just choose wisely.  That classic box of Cap’N Crunch isn’t doing your body ANY favors!




Alright! I hope this little mini guide has helped you!
If you are a tri-state resident, and need MAJOR pantry help, consider a pantry makeover!

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