Diets Don’t Work. Lifestyles Do.

diets dont work lifestyles do

In my almost four years of transforming my health and fitness, I have gone through many things. I began with calorie counting, and then swearing off all junk food, and not eating carbs.  It did not take long for me to realize, NONE of that worked.  In fact, it all made me feel terrible, and sometimes just defeated and sad most days. So let me say this..

Diets Don’t Work.  Lifestyles Do.

Here’s why “diets” just DO NOT work:

Diets are designed to make you feel like a failure.  If you have a “slip” it makes you feel like you “messed up”.  Honestly, who wants to feel that way? There’s next to no room for error in many diets.  In fact, many have “cheat days” where you just go entirely off diet and have your cheesecake, bacon cheeseburger, pizza and ice cream all in one day.  That doesn’t work for me.  That doesn’t work for most humans.  And PS neither do those processed, crappy diet “snacks”.

The way I see it, the lifestyle way, if you do it right, you can have whatever you want, sans guilt.  No crazy app telling you that you had 220 extra calories today and need to watch tomorrow, no one telling you “oh its fine, its a cheat day!” 

When healthy eating, and balance, are your lifestyle, and you make really great food choices to fuel your body on the daily, you can have whatever you want.  You know what is good for your body because you trained it, and you kicked all the processed foods long ago, you know exactly  what is going into your body!
These are great outcomes of having a healthy lifestyle, rather than being on a diet:

  • No calorie restrictions
  • No guilt inducing cheat days
  • No crazy rules and restrictions
  • No NO bread!
  • No bland meals
  • No scale scaring you every week.

When its a lifestyle you gain:

  • Delicious, healthy UNPROCESSED meals
  • Enough balance to incorporate your favorite treats
  • No carb limitations driving you up a wall
  • No scale ever, its about how you FEEL


Maybe you don’t know the best choices to make, maybe you don’t feel good about you body. I can help you!

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