The Coffee Journey: From 200 Calories to 15 2

The Coffee Journey: From 200 Calories to 15

We get up, get ready, and get out the door, but not without our precious cargo. Our morning cup of joe is as essential as our car keys. Getting your caffeine fix is all well and good, but it is not often that we think about the calories we are consuming [for many of us] before even having our breakfast.

Even ruling out the crazy latte you order from Starbucks, your NORMAL cup of regular coffee can run you over 200 calories depending how you drink it.

Think about that! If you consume 1600 calories a day, that is one eighth of it right there.
Done. That is pretty crazy for a cup of coffee.

So, what are we adding that is so bad? Cream, sugar, flavors, and the dreaded “skinny” and “light” flavors. Let’s start with those guys.

The light flavors are a no go, they are made with artificial sugars that spike your insulin levels and are absolutely no good for you. If you are going to add a flavor, like hazelnut, go all out. Get the real stuff.

I used to get a large vanilla coffee with cream and about 3 splenda. Basically, at the time I was drinking coffee for the caffeine but not thinking about what I was taking in as I did that. So here’s what we should do, take the coffee journey.

The Journey:

The coffee journey starts easy and gets a little harder, but it is worth it. Take your time and go step by step. Make each step a full week if you need to! You’ll be saving over 100 calories, and in the process learning to savor the flavor of actual coffee, who knew what that tasted like without all that cream and sugar?

The Steps:

 1. Lessen the dairy- Ask for light milk.
2. Lessen the sugar – switch to Stevia, and stat.
3. Lessen the flavor [ask for half the pumps]
4. Switch to dairy free milk
5. Lessen the Stevia


The end result? Your coffee now has a splash of milk and barely any sugar. And it is natural sugar at that. If you’re feeling ballsy, drop any sugar, heck, drop the milk too if you’re feelin’ sassy!

Coffee calories at start: 200
Coffee calories at end: 15

Oh and guess what! Now, you can use all those extra calories for something way more worth it! So, go ahead and enjoy that coffee guilt free!

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