Time-Saving Kitchen Tools You TOTALLY Need to Have

Whether you are a kitchen connoisseur or an absolute newbie, it makes ALL the difference to have really great tools that can save you loads of time when whipping up delicious and healthy meals!  Now, if you’re anything like me you also like to only spend the big bucks when you have to! So you won’t see anything crazy expensive on this list!


1. Dutch Oven

Whether you think you need it or you don’t, this is absolute perfection for making a perfect soup, stew, or short rib.  It can be used on the stove, or in the oven, and they come in gorgeous colors as well! Plus, maybe it is in my head, but this thing seems to make everything magically more flavorful! Get it here!






2. Immersion Blender

Oh my! This thing is THE BEST. I use it at the most unexpected times!  When making sauces, when baking, and especially when making creamier/thicker soups!  It is compact, gets the job done, and comes in a SLEW of colors! I’ve had mine for several years and it has been great! Plus, kitchenmaid is a wonderful, reliable brand! Get yours here!









3. Crock Pot

Chili in ALL its forms is one of my absolute favorite foods!  Butternut squash chili, turkey sausage and black bean chili, classic, taco chili, stew meat chili, I CAN GO ON, trust me! While I use my crock pot for other meals as well, chili is what I use it dominantly for.  There is basically NOTHING better than working a full day and coming home to the glorious aroma of a hearty dinner! And for all that… $30. Yup! Can’t beat it! I love my Crock Pot SO much it is not even funny.  Get yours right this way!


4. Nutribullet


Smoothies are a girls best friend!  Blueberry banana, mango coconut, almond butter berry, girl! You need to get your smoothie on! And the Nutribullet is the BEST for exactly that! Easy clean up, too! Go get you one!







5. Wooden Spoons

wooden-spoonsThis probably sounds silly, but I LOVE using these to mix things up in my skillets! They don’t get stuff easily stuck to them, they’re EXTREMELY cleanable, and you can use them on any surface! PLUS, they’re quite inexpensive ;) Add ’em to your Amazon order!


Part two COMING REAL SOON, ladies! [Trust me there’s more ;)]

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